Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back in London

It's so nice to be back home. We had a nightmare getting to the airport in Mexico. The traffic was busier than I have ever seen it. It can take half an hour to get there on a good day but it took us more than 2 and a half hours. We were in separate taxis because we had so many bags and a taxi driver (a complete git I have discovered) offered to take us there. As he is always on time we decided to use him. His mate was late (bad start) and turned up in a really crap looking taxi. Gareth took his taxi. He obviously didn't really know where he was going and we had to keep slowing down for him to catch up. Gareth phoned me when smoke started coming up out of the floor. My taxi driver kept telling me not to stress out and that he would catch up later. Thank god Gareth managed to get into an airport taxi (bear in mind we are in the crime capital of the world and Gareth is travelling with every single thing he owns - ideal pickings) and got to the airport in record time. I was so scared for him but relieved it all worked out. My shit of a driver - who is always so nice to me ripped me off saying I had to pay for the other taxi too - who broke down. He charged me double what I normally pay - bastard. I couldn't even be bothered to protest as we were late and just relieved to be there. But I was bloody fuming.

Anyway we had a great flight - very smooth but super squashed. I was very jealous of the first class travellers snug in their beds. We got back to have a lovely curry and a good sleep. We had bacon, beans and sausages for breakfast - god I've missed them so much - and went to the shop for papers.

I can't wait to go shopping on Oxford Street tomorrow!


Gem said...

I am so pleased you got back safely, is it sad be have left mexico? Jealous of oxford street shopping. I wish I could join you this week. I am now bored of work and am just wishing weeks away to summer! Can't wait to see you, it feels like ages... miss you sis xxx

Sameranda said...

Welcome back honey! Sorry you had such a grotty/scary ride to the airport but I bet it's worth it to be back : )