Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lunch at Fermain
Cliff walk
Off to Herm
Belvoir Beach

Pints in the Mermaid

I've been so busy since we've been back. I've spent a fortune in London on Oxford Street, while getting very wet in the persistent rain showers. It's been great buying some decent clothes - although unfortunately most of them were smart, boring work clothes.

Now we're in Guernsey and we have been so lucky with the change in weather. It has really cheered up. We went for a walk on the cliffs yesterday and had seafood lunch on the beach. After lunch in town Mum and I are off for a manicure today. I'm a bit clueless as I don't really do that sort of thing but it should be a laugh. Gareth and I have plans to play tennis this week if the weather holds out and I am being very good by going to the exercise classes at Beau Sejour. Hopefully tat will work of the chips we're planning on having tonight!

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Gem said...

I am so jealous!!! I am at school and bored, letting children play this afternoon, bit naughty but they are so tired and so am I, they are making fish for our role play area so getting lots of communicating and collaborating done I guess! I wish i could have a manicure... my nails suck right now. I grew them so beautifully for kate';s wedding and have been so stressed since that they are now nibbled down to how they were at beginning. Plus diet sucks... chat tonight maybe???