Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Very silly

I have done something very silly. I went to an exercise class yesterday called thighs, bums and abs. I thought it would be a load of old ladies taking it easy. I was very much mistaken. A big muscled guy came in and started us off doing lunges round the room shouting if we weren't going low enough. It was like being in one of those American boot camps where they kick your arse if you don;t do what you're told. He kept coming to me and making me lift my legs higher and shouting to do more sit ups. I was pretty dead by the end but nothing compared to this morning. I am finding the stairs very difficult an can hardly sit on the loo without collapsing getting back off is equally as hard. Help me I am in so much pain!

Anyway we had to cancel our cliff walk today and I am going instead to Christies for one last chocolate milkshake (and I wonder why I am getting fat).

Gareth and I went up to Grandma and Grandad's last night for a glass of wine.

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Gem said...

update your blog please!!!