Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the Hoch

We got back into Saigon yesterday. It was really good to be back in the relative calm of Ho Chi Minh City. I especially loved my bed last night - it's never quite as comfortable in a hotel.

Last night we went out for a slap up meal at the Sheraton Hotel, as a treat for Gareth's birthday (this coming Tuesday). They do a fantastic buffet with all kinds of food that you can think of and free-flow Australian wine. The problem was that my stomach just wasn't big enough to taste everything. I did my best though and had to sit for a while after dinner because I couldn't walk with such a full tummy! After dinner we went to met our friends at a nearby bar. It was good to catch up with everyone.

Now it's Sunday and I only have one more day to enjoy my holiday baaaaaah. I have to stay in the flat and wait for Gareth's birthday present to be delivered - he has been locked in the bedroom until it comes!


Sameranda said...

Hi Ant! Just been catching up on your blog after not having read it for a while, love all the photos! I also think you are really brave to sing in front of an audience, I would have been so nervous.

We are currently in Rome sheltering from the rain! It is lovely though despite the weather.

Big hello to Gareth, hope you guys are having lots of fun xx

Gem said...

So did gareth like his pressie??? Is it getting lots of use?

How is school? are you busy with report writing? Tim is away this weekend so if you fancy a long gossip you know where I am, Hugs Gemma x


Gem said...

update your blog please sis - with photos!!!!

Gem said...

where are you antionette payne???? I haven't heard from you in ages (was away at weekend when I would usually get hold of you) what have you been up to? update your blog!!!!! xxx