Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lovely Meal

Went to a great French restaurant last night that we love. Had French onion soup and steak and chips. Yum! Went for a couple of drinks afterwards - although I was just on the water as I have a sore throat again. Went to the orphanage today and played with some cute kids. Then we had a lovely long brunch in the courtyard of the Refinery - which does a fantastic 3-course breakfast menu. Yum again! Went shopping after and got caught in a torrential downpour. Bought some really cute fairy lights but each one is a tiny white Chinese lantern and a really nice tribal ceremonial wall hanging traditional to the area Sapa in northern Vietnam (that I've had my eye on for ages). This week my new sofa comes and I want to get a nice teapot and cups set too. Lots of shopping!

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Sue said...

hanging looks good , Ant.must have lots of meaning - if you understand it - you'll have to find out what it all means.