Monday, October 20, 2008


We arrived in Hanoi yesterday afternoon and had a nice Italian meal in the old quarter - where we're staying. Hanoi is really crazy. The streets are tiny and busy but really interesting. Some people can't stand the madness of it and have hated their visit to the city but we're both really loving it.

We took a walk today from the lake, in the middle of the town, through lots of little streets. Just like Ho Chi Minh they have streets selling loads and loads of one thing - like metal furniture, shoes or charcoal... It was really interesting as we went from one street to the next. The blacksmith street was like I imagine parts of London to have been 200 years ago, the sound was incredible. The apothocaire street, full of herbal doctors and potions almost knocked us down with the smell. There are some amazing handicrafts here - so much cheaper than Ho Chi Minh. I really like the oriental lanterns. I just hope I don't end up spending too much.

We had a lazy afternoon in our hotel after walking so far in the morning and we plan to go to a French restaurant tonight for steak. Yum! We're off to Halong Bay to take a cruise in a junk for a night on Wednesday.

I will put on photos as soon as we get back home.

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