Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halong Bay

We got back from our cruise round Halong Bay last night. It was really beautiful - like something from a Chinese fairy tale. It was really relaxing and the people we went with were really nice. Luckily there were no nuts in sight as I was a bit nervous about having to eat bananas for 2 days. We had lots of plates of meat, seafood, rice... so I could choose exactly what I wanted without looking rude. Loads of people were really fussy about the seafood so I really didn't feel embarassed at all.

We're now in Hanoi for another day and night then back to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow. It's been just long enough to see everything but I do wish I had another week off before getting back to school. We have our production in 2 weeks and reports to write aaarrrggghhh! Anyway I mustn't moan as we still have 3 more days to relax. I am taking Gareth to the Sheraton buffet dinner on Saturday night for his birthday so I'm really looking forward to that. Photos soon!

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