Saturday, September 23, 2006

Black Widow

This is what I found in our garden yesterday. It was really fat and black with the red markings and was guarding a great big egg sac. It looked really mean so I looked up the name on the internet. It's a black widow spider. It's quite poisoness but hardly anyone dies from the bite so that's good to know!

This is really typical of Mexico. My friend just bought a car, so the insurance guy came to meet him at school. They got into the insurance guy's car, which he proceeded to ram into a parent's car infront, doing quite a bit of damage. He then paid off the parent in cash and went on his way. So much for promoting insurance! In this country you can pay your way out of anything if you have the cash.

Feeling a bit rough today. We had a big night out last night. 8 of us went to Mumba Rumbas - a salsa dancing place. The margaritas were amazing but I don't feel so great now. I'm heading back to bed to watch episodes of Friends.

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Sameranda said...

GOD that sounds horrendous I would shit myself if I saw that scampering around my garden!! You are a very brave girl.

PS I loves the new layout - very classy!