Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's only Tuesday... but it's all good!

Having a really good week. I feel really organised and unstressed at work. I have been to the gym twice already and have an easy day tomorrow. Going to the gym is so good - I sleep like a baby after having some fitfull, sleepless nights (don't know why).

Just watched a 4 day marathon of Sex and the City. It always makes me want to get all dressed up and go out so it's a good thing we're off dancing this weekend. I can't wait to go out. I have been ill for all the weekends since school has started or everyone has been out of the city - so I'm loving the idea of a girly night. Don't want to wish my life away but I can't wait. If I can get in my skinny jeans by Friday, after trying to loose my London chocolate weight, I will buy me a new top!

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katie said...

How funny, I sat down yesterday and watched loads of episodes of Sex and the City, spooky or what!!!

Still flat hunting, seen 15 now! Hope all is good with you