Friday, September 15, 2006


Really disappointed tonight. We were having 6 people over for dinner but one by one they have done something else. I was really sad because I had made such an effort. The day before I made an improbably massive cake and burned myself in the process! And I just went out shopping to get ready for tonight and was really looking forward to cooking for everyone. Never mind!

Gareth is amazing and has got me the last Sex and the City series. I love that program. I know it's unrealistic but it's great. It just makes me miss my girlfriends back home lke crazy. Anyway to make up for my let down we are in the process of drinking a bottle of wine, eating pringles and eating my cake. I just made mojitos (a cuban cocktail) and if I say so myself they're bloody good.


Sameranda said...

Oh honey that's terrible! One halloween Nick & I invited a bunch of people over and we decorated our house and got all dressed up and then only 2 people came!! I felt completely crushed. So I know how you feel but don't worry you can eat all that lovely food and that entire cake to youselves and watch lots of good telly!! Hurrah!!

katie said...

Ahh that's so annnoying! You poor thing. That flat sounds great, only prob is it's just me on my lonesome looking for a place as everyone else is sorted at the mo- typical!