Friday, September 15, 2006

Independence Day

Great day at school. The Mexicans really know how to celebrate. We had a big performance of dancing, military marching and singing of the national anthem. All the children looked amazing in their costumes. They sell the most amazing stuff here for kids and it's so cheap. I'm definitely buying a load of kids costumes before I leave Mexico.

Most of the kids went home at the end of the performance - about half eleven. I was left with 1 kid who really wanted to stay. So we put them all together and did art all afternoon. Easy day and now it's the weekend! Got people coming for dinner tonight - making Thai curry. Must go out and shop for food.


katie said...

Your blog is sooo wicked, so colourful and lovely!

Yeah this flat hunting is bloody hard. Just looking for a double room in a flatshare basicly.

Still tempting to jack it all in and go somewhere hot and take pictures...hmmm

Hope you are doing ok

Ant said...

Come to Mexico. It's bloody amazing!