Saturday, September 23, 2006

Computer Geek

I have changed the look of my blog. I feel very proud of myself because I did it without the help of Gareth - who knows all about computer stuff. It took quite a long time but was the perfect, quiet cure for my stinking hangover. Gem if you want to try it you can get some good patterns and colours from this site called Citrus Moon.

I'm feeling better now. We were meant to be going to a friend's house in town for a party but we decided against it. It's going to be a load of people we don't really know very well. We would have had to mingle and make the effort to introduce ourselves, so we chickened out and are having Jo over for dinner. I'm making chilie con carne with one of the last packets I brought back for England. Mum can you send me some please and some chocolate if you're feeling really generous xxx!

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