Friday, December 01, 2006

New Look

I have had to change my blog as I updated something and everything changed. So enjoy the lurid pink for a while before it all changes again!

Had a lazy day today. We had the day off as it was the inauguration of the new president. We saw on the news just now they had a big bust up in parliament. I just hope it doesn't mean any more disruption. A while back the opposition shut off loads of the roads and it was really hard to get around the city. It doesn't affect us much as we live outside and have no need to go in but it makes it difficult to see friends in town.

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Gem said...

YO sis, did you see my new blogspot design? You inspired me to change mine. call me tonight please, i haven't had a proper chat in ages and I want to find out what you are up to! love you lots xxxx