Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eye operations and a girls lunch

Had a busy weekend. Gareth had laser eye surgery so he could see without glasses. It was horrible watching him go through it. I didn't realise how much of a real operation it would be. He had to wear scrubs and everything! I watched the operation from the other side of a window. It looked horrible and I wanted to hug poor Gareth. He didn't know I could see him. While he was waiting for the second part of the operation (after having a hole cut in his cornea) he was fidgeting about like crazy - all the other patients were just sleeping. It is incredible now. I had to help him home where he had a nap for a couple of hours after the operation then got up and was absolutely fine and can see perfectly. Amazing what they can do with science now!

Went for a really nice lunch today with 3 friends. We went into town to a gorgeous little side street restaurant. It was really sunny and there were plants hanging everywhere I felt like I was on holiday. We did far too much chatting. One of my friends is getting married in 6 weeks so she is set on an intense time of working out, growing her nails and eating healthily. I decided to join her as I have been really pigging out lately. I think 6 weeks is a short enough period of time to concentrate. Any longer and I loose interest. After lunch we had a wonder round the park. Great day out. Shame we have school tomorrow.

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Gem said...

I will try to call later but if I don't get hold of you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you are having a lovely one and Gareth is spoiling you rotten!! Chat later birthday girl, from your sister xxxx