Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick note

I feel really crap tonight and don't think I'll be in school tomorrow. There has been a bug going round in my class making the kids really sick. Luckily I don't get sick very easily but I do have a temperature now and was a bit out of it earlier. It's my easy day tomorrow so not too much cover for the other teachers.

I decided to change my blog. I hope it's not too vomit-inducing. I fancied a bit of a retro look, but it's a bit limiting in the colours you can choose so it's not quite what I imagined.

We're planning to go to Costa Rica for Easter. Gareth is a very good holiday planner so I'm leaving it all to him (I think he enjoys it too). I am so excited and am counting down the weeks. Only five more!


Sameranda said...

Bloody hell it's a bit pink!! But I like it.

Gem said...

wowzer!!! I need some sun glasses sis!!! Great colours but could have warned me as I had a busy day today and my head already hurts - no, I LOVE IT REALLY!! Call me tonight please???