Friday, February 09, 2007

Long week

I thought this week would seem reallt short as we had the Monday off school, but it has dragged like crazy. Thank god it's the weekend. We went on school trip yesterday to the kids museum in the city. I didn't realise today that the reason I couldn't sleep was because I felt really stressed about being in charge of the trip. There are 4 teachers in my team but I am the coordinator so if anything went wrong - all my fault. It all went pretty smoothly apart from the museum's disorganisation on our arrival. It took them 2 hours to check us in - they had accepted too many school in one day and it was really packed. I felt quite stressed moving about the museum with so many other children in there and the exhibits were packed out. The reason we went was for the sky dome - a space simulation. It was excellent with flying meteors that looked the size of sky-scrapers flying right at you. Pretty cool. Some of the kids were scared but I told them to shut their eyes as I was loving it.

I was very annoyed when we left as we weren't allowed to take in food. I can understand the kids no being let in but adults too. I had a big bag of left over juice and sandwiches from their lunches which they would need later and was told to put it in the paqueteria. When we got it back all the unopened chocolates and drinks had been taken. Bloody Mexican rules they are so anal sometimes and then can't be trusted!

Today was easy as it was 100 days of school. We each taught one lesson to do with 100 and the classes rotated to each teacher. I did a mosaic with 100 tiles with each class. I felt really redundant as the kids just got on with it. I ended up chatting outside my room while they worked. Great!

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