Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too late

Really annoyed today as we had a request for interview in Malaysia. It was from one of the best schools - one of the ones we really wanted along with the one we accepted. It' so frustrating that it took them this long to get references and decide they liked us when we applied beore December. It would have been good to have a choice of schools. I do believe that we have made the best choice though and am so excited to move to Vietnam. It's also good to know we are doing the right thing and they liked us. Maybe next time we move!


Gem said...

I am on a course at the moment, I love this wireless network stuff you can do now!!! That's a shame about school but you have got a job so i guess that's all that matters really. Like you said it can be the next one you go to if they still want you!!

Ant said...

Apparantly Kuala Lumpa is very Muslim and strict about it so it's not that fun for a single girl. So it's probably for the best!