Thursday, April 05, 2007

Costa Rica

Been in Costa Rica for a couple of days now. I am having a nightmare with this keyboard as it's a Spanish one but all the keys are in the wrong place so forgive any weird mistakes. When we arrived we stayed in a hotel near the airport which was nice but very American orientated - for the spring breakers.

We then took a bus to the Caribbean Coast to a little town called Puerto Viejo (I spotted 2 sloths on the way). The town has about 5 main roads that are all dusty tracks and is really chilled out. You have to wait at least an hour after ordering any food. It's a different pace of life to crazy Mexico City. We were lucky to find a place to stay as when we arrived it was a mad rush as this place is tiny. I was so lucky to be pointed towards this lovely hotel. It feels like a tropical paradise - little paths through lush plants. It's so noisy at night though as there is so much wildlife. I think we have monkeys chucking stuff on the roof. Last night I heard howler monkeys - really loud. Luckily no scorpions yet - I hate them. We have fitted right in and have not really moved from our hammocks except to take a swim and a stroll on the beach - even that was too energetic for me and I had to lie down. The seafood is great and the fruit lovely and fresh. I will post photos soon.

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