Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Volcanoes and Rainforest

We're just in the middle of a trip. We have had lunch and have an hour or so to waste so I thought I would take the chance to add my photos so far today. We went on a hike this morning through the rainforest. We started with the volcano smoking behind us and we could hear explosions along the walk - a bit scary. It was really high up in the canopy across suspended bridges. The wobbled about like mad and I was a bit of a scaredy cat. We saw some poison dart frogs - the ones you can kill people with darts by wiping the points on the frogs skin. I was careful not to accidentally lick one.After that we went to a lovely waterfall. It was a killer walking up and down. I used muscles I haven't used in ages. But it was worthwhile to swim in the plunge pool of the waterfall. It was really cold but refreshing as it's so hot today. It was the cleanest water I have ever seen and felt lovely in my hair. We just had a nice lunch and it chucked it down with rain - we have timed it so well. Now it's stopped and we have another hike to take round the bottom of the volcano. Then on to some relaxing natural hot springs.

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Gem said...

It all looks rather incredible!!! Tim and I very envious, although you are far braver than me I am not sure I would like the danger of it all! Keep updating when you can, it is lovely to feel part of your trip! I can't wait for my next adventure!! huge hugs, Gemma x