Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zip lines and Tarzan swinging

I have just screamed my lungs dry by scaring myself silly on a swing. We went on a tour where you fly through the forest on zip lines. It was very professional and I felt totally safe but some of the lines were so high up and very long. The longest was 450m and about 30m from the ground. It was really exhilarating and we had great views of the town and the volcano. I was very brave though when we came to a Tarzan swing. You had to jump off like a bungy jump and it took your breath away then instead of bouncing you continue to swing like on a big rope swing. I went so high - right up into a tree. I screamed my head off and all the blokes though I was very funny. I came down shaking like a leaf and my legs felt like jelly. Now I am glad I did it - but I wouldn't do it again soon. We're going to have a lazy day. I'm off to pig out on white chocolate covered coffee beans. I love them. So much for the healthy eating!Me on the Tarzan swing

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