Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hot Springs and Erupting Volcanoes

We had the best day yesterday. After lunch we took a hike round the volcano. It was incredible to feel it rumbling and we saw it chucking out rocks and lava. It is one of the most dangerous kind of volcanoes as it does not have a lava flow but sends out explosions of lava rocks. So we couldn't go right up close and take a look - we had top stay pretty far off. But it was amazing - like a natural firework display.

After that we went to some hot springs. I thought the would be man made pools on a cliff like the others we had visited but this was a full on spa. It was idyllic. We had fresh towels and it was a welcome relaxation after a hard day of hiking. The pools we huge and all natural with little waterfalls and smooth rocks to sit on. Some of them were a bit too hot 41.5C was the hottest - I'm sure that's hotter than a bath. They had a bar in a cooler pool where you could sit in the water and drink. I had a naughty but yummy cocktail. We had dinner with the other people we had been hiking with. They were rally nice . A couple of girls from Mexico, so we had lots to talk about, and a couple from Arizona. All round a great day out. This is the best picture I could get at the springs as it was too dark and steamy. You can just about see a water fall behind the steam. You could sit underneath it and it felt like a steam room.

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