Friday, April 20, 2007

My Garden

My multi-coloured roses - yellow and pink on the same plant. I got this big climbing plant by pulling off a twig from a friend's garden it just grew like crazy! In fact all the plants you can see in this shot are stolen from someone's garden. I love it!
These two white flowers just popped right up from a really boring looking plant.
Here is my lovely garden. It's growing like mad now there's loads of sunshine. I just hope the boys living here will look after it. Rob reckons her will grow herbs so I have hope.


Sameranda said...

Hello! How are you? Love the party photos.

By the way, the boring looking plants with the white flowers are agapanthus, I only know the names of about 5 plants but that happens to be one of them! I have one in my garden too.

Ant said...

Great Thanks! xx