Saturday, April 07, 2007

Monkey Attack

Gareth was attacked today by a bunch of cheeky monkeys. We went snorkeling in the morning on the reef then were dropped off in the jungle where there is a walk back to the town alongside the beach. There are sloths, monkeys (like the one in Friends) and a whole load more creepy crawly animals (especially big spiders) along the way. As we arrived we went to have some lunch on the beach. I was watching the cute monkeys when suddenly 2 of them start charging towards me. I realised they were after Gareth´s cake he had just taken out. They ambushed him hanging off his shirt and grabbing the cake right out of his hands. A whole load of other monkeys saw the fun and Gareth was surrounded minus his lunch. I thought it was very funny. Gareth says he´s going back to kill them later. Unfortunately I didn´t have my camera but at the next stop I hope to snap loads of monkey shots.

We went for a lovely walk yesterday but have mainly been chilling on the beach. It´s like Swiss Family Robinson here. So deserted and wild. I love it! I´m still eating all the seafood and doing my share of napping. Great!

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