Friday, April 13, 2007

Not what I call a holiday

The hill we climbed - it looks more tame from a distance!
We spotted 3 different toucan species and I managed to get a shot of this one.
At the start of the walk.

We went on the craziest hike today. It was about 6 hours and straight up or down a so called hill - it was more like a mountain. It was amazing being right in the forest. It went through a rain forest and then as we were higher a cloud forest. Both of the forests have completely different animals and plants. It's like there is an invisible line where they change dramatically. It was beautiful but I was shattered. Of course Gareth loved it but I would have preferred to be lying by the pool! I collapsed when we got back and slept like the dead. Gareth is taking me to a lovely restaurant and has promised a bottle of wine for my efforts.

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Gem said...

sounds like an effort but good to look back on afterwards! I did a hips, bums and tums class today which hurt a lot... I wish I was by a pool too! It 22 degress here today!!!