Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Pig

I was a big pig this weekend. I couldn't keep my hands off a lovely lemon meringue pie which embarassingly I polished off alone in 2 days (a couple of slices went on Friday night by other people). When Gareth asked for some and there was none left he was a bit shocked at my eating capacity. He's lived me long enough now he must have realised. I then went on to scoff a load of digestives -so much for healthy eating.

Today I have been better - 2 apples! I was feeling a bit sorry for myelf as I have a very sore throat and dodgy stomach. Caught from my horrible ill children in my class. I went to bed at 4pm on Tuesday and slept right through with a roasting temperature. I felt a lot better today and didn't want to go into school. But I had to go in as it was the start of the exhibition and it was more hassle than it was worth to try and write down instrucitons for a cover teacher.

The exhibition went really well. Our classrooms (mine and Jo's) went down really well with big and little kids. There was more than enough to entertain them - I was worried they might be bored. Some even came back again in their breaktime. Success hooray!

2 more weeks till we fly to the uk (if Gareth gets on the flight as it clashes with an England World Cup game). I have my suitcase out already. I can't wait for holidays!

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Sameranda said...

Yaayyyyyy for pie and well done for the exhibition! I knew from the photos that it would go down a storm.

Sorry you're feeling pooey, hope it clears up soon. Being ill is such a good diet though isn't it! I only ever lose weight when I'm genuinely poorly.