Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chilled Weekend

I have had a really nice weekend. I really miss having Gareth around especially in the evning but I have totally relaxed now reports are finished and I just have an easy week to go till London!

I didn't get up till 11am on Saturday and was very good trotting off to the gym. I then went shopping with Jo and was very naughty buying a skirt and two pairs of shoes. I needed a pair for school as a kid trod on me the other day and destroyed my shoe ripping it right off my foot. It was irreparable. I saw a second pair and just loved them so I am all set for trecking around London hopefully blister-free. We then had some dinner at the Beer Factory which does amazing burgers and tap bber (unfortunately I can't touch a drop as I'm on anti-biotics).

In the evening we went to say hello at the kids' graduation party. They were really pleased we'd made the effort as we were the only teachers to bother going along. It was a bit of a shame really as not many kids went along and one mum had made all this effort to organiose a dj, lights, food etc. After that we went on to Kev and Jude's desperdida (leaving thing)- Jude works for the European Commision here and they are leaving Mexico next week for good. It was fun but sad to say goodbye. I really wanted a nice margarita or chapagne but I was very good and resisted. It turned out to be a good night. We danced a bit of salsa and of course the obligatory Grease mega-mix etc. Didn't get to be till half two and I was really shattered.

Had a lie-in again this morning. I had plans for the gym but it got too late and it shuts early on Sunday. So I went up to Maz and Ben's to watch Australia play in the world cup. Maz was gutted they lost but it was Brazil and they are pretty good (I know that and not much else about football).

I have just been baking like a good house-wife! Gareth is back tonight and I wanted to treat him to some nice cakes. I have tried making coffee kisses and they are very good if I say so myself.

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