Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New camera

Had a fab day shopping - spent far too much again. Spent ages looking for something nice for Sam's wedding. Sam I cannot imagine having to organise and buy everything else this was a nightmare and I had the whole of London to choose from. I also bought a great little camera in the half price sale. This is a picture of me on my new skype phone (for my free telephone thing on the internet). It's great because it's like a real phone. It rings so I won't miss any more calls and I won't look like an idiot anymore talking into a microphone.

Tomorrow we're off to get Gareth's passport done then hopefully on to dinner with friends.


Sameranda said...

Oooh but did you find a nice outfit?

No I've enjoyed the organising really. I finally found some shoes to go with the dress yesterday so that's a relief.

Have fun in old London town!

Ant said...

I think so. I'm really not sure. It's a dress so I feel very girly!

Gem said...

it's gorgeous ant! I want it too now! I just went to monsoon to buy a new outfit for mum for her ball and i want it too! It is gorgeous!!! I love getting dressed up!!!