Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yesterday was great. All the children went to experience secondary school with the intermmediate teachers. I felt proud and sad to see them all grown up. I had a satisfying day sorting things out getting all my files straight for next year. I am very anal and love nothing more than a good clean out. I might even do my wardrobe tonight.

Today has been really busy. We had to practice for the leavers' assembly this Thursday. It's the last bit of work I have to do but now I'm all nervous about playing piano and cello at the concert. I only learned the pieces today. I'll be so excited to finish the term it will go really quick.

I can't wait to pack. I'm itching to do ot already and have a few things chucked in my case. But I have to withstrain myself until I have washed everything on Friday to pack properly. London in 3 day I can't wait!


jennywren said...
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jennywren said...

Am really looking forward to seeing you and Gareth when you're in London. When exactly do you get here? When is the first possible opportunity that we can meet up?
Jenny and Rob

Ant said...

We get to London this Saturday. If you fancy joining us that night I think we are out with some of Gareth's mates. If not we're in town shopping on Monday so we could meet for lunch. x

jennywren said...

Saturday night sounds good -let me know where you are/ going to be. Will you have a mobile with you? Do you have my/Rob's number? Can't wait to catch up with my glamorous Mexican mate!(by the way, that's you) x

Ant said...

I know i'm glamorous you don't have to clarify! I can't wait to catch up either. I will let you know where we are as we won't have a mobile. Can you email me you numbers to check I have the right ones. See you Sat mate! I can't believe I can write that Yey!!!!!

Gem said...

can't believe you leave in two days!!!! wow!!!!!! I am so excited to see you sis!!!!!!! wohoooooo!!!!!!
Have a wicked time in london x