Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cute Dog

This is the little dog that turned up on my street this year and I accidentally adopted. I just fell in love. She was a wierd blue colour and all her fur was matted. I had to take her to the vet to be shaved and vaccinated. I wish I had a photo of before as she was so shabby. Rowena at school said she'd take her in and as you can see now she is fat and spoiled and loves. She is now called Lucy and lives with her friend Fred. I feel so proud!


Gem said...

very cute dogs!!!! I can't believ you are over in a week????!!!! Have you packed yet???? I bet you're very excited!!!????!!!!

Ant said...

I have been packed for a week. It's a problem as I don't have any clothes left and look a mess at school. I am so excited!!! But shitting myself for flying again! Not the good part but I'll be so excited like last time I was fine.

Gem said...

it will be ok - you know as soon as you get going you'll be so excited about being on your way home it will fly by!! literally!!!