Saturday, June 03, 2006

A birthday surprise

Last night was fun. We set up a surprise party for Jo and managed to keep it a total secret! She had no idea. She had a good time but she also says it's now all out war because we both agreed to never do surprises as you always turn up looking like crap and everyone else is all dressed up.
We started the night with melon margharitas which were a bit amazing but bloody strong. I'm feeling a bit delicate today. We played pictionary and everyone was shocked at what a bad looser I am.

I am going to do nothing this weekend. I just want a good rest because this week has been pretty manic. At least we get the kids' exhibition over and done with this week and then only 2 weeks before jetting back home. I can't wait.

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Gem said...

where are the photos of gareth with the coin??? I think he looked cute!