Wednesday, May 24, 2006

21 days to end of term!

Only 21 school days until we break up! I don't like to wish my life away but I am very excited to get on that plane back to London. I am lucky because Gareth has to go into school on the Friday, for the leavers' end of term awards thing, but I get the day off. last time I sneaked out with Jo to get a cheeky MacDonalds (without the boys knowing - they are too healthy). I might just arrange that again. Then that night we jet off. 10 hours to London and then hopefully, as we arrive, we are off to an Ascot party. We will miss the races but will be there for the fun part!

This weekend I'm thinking of heading into Taxco a great place for buying cheap, but real silver. I need to get all my Christmas presents arranged. I took them all home last summer and left them with mum. It was great not having to worry about it as the post here is crap. If I don't make it to Tasco (I have reports to write and am feeling lazy) I will go to Balderas market - a great place for nice Mexican gifts. I must make a list. Any requests let me know!


Sameranda said...

OOOOOOOooooh! When are you back in Guernsey?????

Gem said...

ant I need to know all your car details to get you on my insurance - call me! Love you sis x

Ant said...

Back in London 23rd June then to Guernsey 10th July to 17th. Hooray!