Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crazy Mexico

I love Mexico. They love partying here and will make any excuse for a day off. Today we finished at half twelve beacuse it was mothers' day. Great! I phoned my mum and she was chuffed about having a second happy mother's day of the year! I took a cheeky nap in the afternoon. It felt like uni-days again. I miss my naps but I know they were one of the main contributers to tummy fat (as well as a little too much beer).

My health kick is still going well (second day into it). My sister and I are trying to support each other. But I still get mad when I think about it. Why can't I just eat a whole tub of ice-cream if I feel like it. Why is good food bad? The world is wrong.


Sameranda said...

As I am reading your blog I am tucking in to a packet of Doritos and I also have a yorkie bar stashed in my bag for later. The shame.

I am also trying to lose weight for the wedding but its not really going according to plan.

I saw your Mum yesterday! At Rachel's Dads funeral which was a bit sad but nice to see her all the same. Rachel is venturing out this weekend for a belated birthday meal so I'll pass on your love.

Ant said...

I would appreciate that. I had a dream with all you guys last night. We were at the wedding but I couldn't find anyone I knew. Then I realised I was as the wrong one. It was Rachel who found me so you can thank her for that.

Don't worry about the eating I went out and ate pretty much a loaf of bread before eating a great big creamy pasta number. Sod it!