Monday, May 15, 2006

Teachers' Day

We have a day for everyone here. Today was mine - Teachers' Day.

It started a little shaky as I woke up and my face had swelled up to twice the size - I think I must be alergic to something. It soon went down but was a disturbing start to my day because I couldn't open my eyes right.

I was inundated by chocolates unfortunately most of them were nutty. However, I did get a gorgeous bar of belgian chocolate and despite being on a health kick tucked on in. Yummy - that kid is getting a good report. I had some really nice jewellery. Some obviously chosen by the kids and some by the parents who have more sense and actually care that I enjoy having to wear it (because once it's been given to you you have to wear it once in a while). We just had the teachers' day meal - it was a curry!!! I hadn't had one (apart from homemade - not quite the same) since London but it was amazingly tasty. A good finish to my afternoon of teaching. I still maintain that on teacher's day we should have the day off.


Sameranda said...

Damn those filthy nuts!

Teachers day sounds amazing and yes you should have had the day off.

Gem said...

please make sure it's not the curry or belgian chocs making you swell up ant!!!!

I know I know stop worrying....!!! It's just because I love you x

Ant said...

Don't worry mum! I ate those after I swelled up so no worries. I have scoffed all the chocolate. One chunk has 125 cals. Great hey!!!