Sunday, May 14, 2006


I had a great night last night. It was Catherine’s birthday – a teacher at Greengates. Nush and I spent the morning icing a cake she had made to make it look like a chilli pepper, I thought it ended up more like a strawberry, while Gareth and her watched the final of the FA cup. Football doesn’t really interest me much, but because I know soon enough I will be overwhelmed by the World Cup frenzy in this football-mad country, I thought I’d better start trying to enjoy it. Today I even bought an England t-shirt!

The party was fun and I got to practice my Spanish all night – I talked for an hour to one guy with no English and he understood mostly everything. Hooray - I am improving or maybe it’s the confident haze of a few too many glasses of wine and I just imagined I was amazing? Not sure! Catherine had hired some mariachi singers (very popular in Mexico) – a band of about 6 people singing and playing a strange combination of instruments (trumpet, harp…) and wearing bull- fighting outfits. I even tried my two left feet at salsa dancing – I must take lessons I can’t come back from here not being able to dance.

This morning I was a bit delicate but had to go to lunch with Jo and Jesicca. It was fun and a big sub-way sandwich did just the job for my rumbly tummy.

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