Sunday, May 07, 2006

Killer Walk

We went to Tepoztlan (an hour south of the city) this weekend as we had Friday off school. It was a pretty little place with a big market. I had to restrain myself from going shopping mad as I already have enough pots and rugs at home which somehow I have to get back to England. I just love the colours and bold patterns in Mexican design. I did managed to buy some funky jewellery made from seeds. I love it.

The highlight was meant to be climbing up to a pyramid way up above the town. I didn't quite calculate how far (see picture looking back over the town) and how hot it would be (above 30C). I was dressed in jeans. The first part was great then I realised the path stretched on and on. It was a real scramble up big chunks of rock. Gareth somehow kept his cool and was really tolerant of my whinging. (I just have to say I normally love this sort of thing but I wasn't quite feeling right and I was very inappropraiately dressed). We made it right to the top, where I guzzled an energy drink. There was a little pyramid, apparantlywhere the god of the cactus plant lived so I'm not sure why people were graffitiing the cactus and kicking them off a hill. Suerly you just wouldn't risk it the Mexican gods are meant to be pretty violent. On the way back down the real low point came when I realised all I had to go to the nice restaurant in the evening was the sweaty clothes I was wearing and the tears came. But we made it and I did feel really great afterwards. Needless to say Gareth loved every minute and said if he lived here he would run up and down everyday?!

In the evening we had the nicest time. We ate with the mountain rising up in front of us in a really pretty garden. The food and wine was amazing just what we deserved after our mammoth climb.

I slept so well and the next day we headed back to Mexico City. We were so lucky with the traffic getting back in no time.

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