Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here is my curly hair do. I am a bit scared I look like a poodle with all the curls. And I'm a bit freaked out how much I look like my sister (not that you look like a poodle sis)! Again I look a bit dazed as I took the photo myself. I don't normally try to look whimsical!

I am planning on a totally lazy day today. I have nothing planned and am feeling so relaxed as I almost finshed writing my reports last night. Hooray!


Gem said...

wow!!! it looks amazing ant! I think it's the sexiest I have ever seen your hair! Tim says it looks really pretty too... I may start to get jealous in case he decides he's chosen the wrong sister!

Sameranda said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love your hair anyway but that cut is especially cool. Definitely.

I got sunburnt in Herm yesterday along with Sue, Isla & a few others. The day before that Isla had a BBQ and we were playing giant jenga but with the jenga tower in a wheelbarrow and the challenge was to move a piece then push the whellbarrow along, you would have LOVED it!