Sunday, May 21, 2006


The volcano was amazing. We climbed up from about 4000m altitude to almost 4800m. It was so tiring. It felt like I had weights attached to my knees hard to lift them up for each step. When we reached the top the ridge we looked over into the crator. It's incredible how big the crator is - it now contains three lakes. We walked for about three hours along the ridge, down a very steep scree slope into the crator, around a lake and then back up the other side back on to the ridge. Although very tiring the views made it all worthwhile. As we went up it was snowing then sunny - really bizarre. But just as we got to the car it snowed proper big snow-flakes. Amazing! Back down in Valle de Bravo, where we stayed the night, it was in the high 20s - wierd weather.

Today we woke and went for a late breakfast with some friends. We went to someone's house that they knew which was so beautiful - overlooking the lake. Before heading back to the city we visited a site where we might take the kids next year on their field trip. It was a really beautiful 400 year old hacienda with loads of space for them to run about. They have the time of year we want to visit available, so if it's not too pricey I really hope we can go there next year.

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