Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Fresh Start

I am on health kick as of today, when I woke up feeling really determined, spurred on by the guilt of eating at least 5 digestives in a row yesterday and after that lost count. I just found that Superama sell dark chocolate Mcvites which I up till now I couldn't get in Mexico. Big mistake buying as many packets as I could because I scoffed them all in no time. Gareth is shocked. Today I was very good and have been to yoga and the gym since Monday. A good start!

I am motivated by the fact that my friend Sam is getting married this summer and lots of mates I haven't seen in ages will be there. I want to buy a nice outfit in London. As friends we haven't all been in one place since we left school 9 years ago. I love it though as after minutes it's always as if we haven't been apart even if it has been ages. I can't wait it's the highlight of my summer and the first wedding of a close friend. Hooray!

The second motivation is that I will, without doubt, eat my bodyweight in chocolate when I get back as we can't get it here. (My mum has even saved us an easter egg each). So I have to take that into account in order to fit in my clothes come the end of the holiday in England, where I will have to head straight into a bikini for the beach.

I just have to change my mentality now. I hate biscuits. I love fruit.

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