Thursday, May 18, 2006

Snip Happy

I am feeling very satisfied at the moment. We are working towards a big exhibition in school which the final year always does. They are assessed on this and people from outside the school come to check it out so it's a really big deal. We have got loads done and I just had a shift round of furniture in my classroom (which I love) and it's looking great. The kids are starting to share my perfect vision. Hooray!

I bought some new rose cutting scissors this weekend and tried them out today. I started on a huge, bushy rose tree in the garden and went a bit mad and couldn't stop. It now looks emaciated and is now mainly just thick, brown branches. I hope it grows back because it's not really the time of year to cut it. It's really thick and gnarly at the bottom so I'm thinking it's quite resistant. We'll see...
On Saturday I'm off to climb a volcano. It's 5000m up which is extremely high. Apparantly it's very hard work to walk up and because of the altitude you have to count 10 paces then rest. My friend Jo (in picture) did it a couple of weeks ago and loved the views so her and her boyfriend are going to take us. Gareth is gagging for the challenge. There's snow up there and it's 30 degrees C this time of year so it just shows what difference the altitude can make. After that we're off to Valle del Bravo a really nice little town by a lake - very chilled out with good bars and restaurants. I can't wait! Yes mum I will take care and yes it is dormant! x

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