Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ice Hockey and Niagra Falls

We went to an ice-hockey game on Boxing Day. I thought I was going to be freezing and bored sat by the ice but we had a great time. We pigged out on hot dogs and I made friends with the usher who bought me a Maple Leafs flag. It was really violent and now and then the referees had to break up a scrap. I love the American style sports. Whenever they have stoppage time they fill it up with ridiculous quizzes and tasks for the audience to do.We filled up our last day at Niagra Falls. We got a great deal. We paid $30 for the bus then a casino gave us back $25 expecting us to spend it there. I have never been so disappointed (at least we hadn't paid much). I expected the water falls to be set in a national park with the possibility of bears around and lovely trees and rocky climbs. We got dropped off at the casino where we walked a couple of minutes to the falls. They were surrounded by high-rise hotels, casinos, concrete and flashing attractions like famous criminals made of wax! The bonus was it finally snowed. It didn't settle and I was glad it hadn't actually snowed all holiday because it was far too cold for me. We got the casino bus back with all the little old ladies and their winnings. We had the nicest meal before we came back. Far too much garlic and we did stink that night!

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Gem said...

it does look very cold!!! I was standing the other side of that when I was in america! weird!
Have a great time back home or if you set off down the coast, hope it is warm for you!
big hugs, Gemma x
p.s. I am waiting for you to email me a photo of that dress you were talking about???