Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My sister is engaged! (I wasn't going to put this here but as she has on her blog so I thought it would be ok). A very tasteful ring well done Tim! I'm glad it doesn't have a sticking-out diamond as my newly engaged friend has one and is always scratching her nose on it when she sleeps. So it's going to be wedding plans and colour schemes from now on in (Sam I remember all your crazy plans). I can't wait to see Gemma waltzing down the ailse. It makes me feel very grown up.


Sameranda said...

Waaaaaa I read it on your sisters blog, its so exciting!! Do you think she'll marry in Guernsey?

PS you look tres chic with straight hair! Very ladylike, whats going on!?

Ant said...

Yes she will definitely get married in Guernsey probably some time at the end of 2007 or in 2008. So exciting!