Monday, December 18, 2006

Toronto in a heat wave

We got here and there's no snow. On the news they're saying it's unusually hot for this time of year. It's not much different to Mexico! It was probably a welcome surprise for us so now we can acclimatise gently - we're off to Montreal tomorrow which will be really cold. We have been shopping today. I got my hair coloured and cut - so great as Mexico is crap for hair. I'm glad it's back to my realy colour. I did a very bad red thing myself which didn't realyl work but I don't really rcognise myself without th curls. We went up the CN Tower about 500m up. I felt very scared but a bit brave when I went out on the glass celing with only 500m of nothing below me. Whoooaa! Gareth took me to the hockey hall of fame where we saw silver cups and ice-hockey kits. Gareth had a go on the saving goals game but I didn't want any pucks flying at my face. Especially as my eye has only just healed from when Gareth tried to poke it right out in his sleep.

Tomorrow we're catching a train to Montreal so I have been practicing my French. Au jourd'hui! (sorry mum if that's spelt wrong)

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