Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Last night we went for a great meal at a Belgium restaurant. They served huge beers Gareth got a big one and me a small one I thought that was a bit sexist, especially as I can probably drink more than Gareth.
Gareth and a big beer
Steaming mussels
We took the train from Toronto to Montreal today. It was a bit longer than expected - 5 1/2 hours but I managed to do some sleeping and read my magazine so I didn't bug Gareth too much, who as usual was in protable entertainment heaven. I saw some snow on the way to Montreal and it is definitely colder here so I'm hoping it will snow more soon. The city is lovely I feel like I'm in Paris. We went out for steak and chips in a lovely little French restaurant - just like in St Malo. I have forgotten all my French it's quite depressing. But I did help a lost guy from Panama get off at the right stop and had a good conversation with him in Spanish. He even recognised my Mexico City accent so I must be getting better! We have a nice room but it's a bit weird. It has a full kitchen in the bedrrom and a dining-room table all laid out. We probably won't be using it much though having seen all the nice retaurants nearby.

Sight seeing tomorrow. I hoping to drag Gareth to the zoo and botanical gardebs. I did do his sport museum the other day. And I must but his Christmas present too. Why are guys so hard to but for? There are loads of nick-nacks I would love. Any ideas are welcome!

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Gem said...

It looks beautiful, sounds amazing! I wish we would get snow in guernsey but not sure that will happen!!!! Your hair looks nice like that. Keep the updates coming they are fun to read. Chat soon, gemnma x