Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Concert

We had our Christmas concert on Thursday which was pretty amazing. There were about 300 children in total - playing in the orchestra, dancing and singing. The lighting was all done professionally and looked great. They tried to add atmosphere by using a smoke machine which just made it really hard to breathe - especially when playing a clarinet.
(me in the middle wearing black)

After we had the posada which is the little re-enactment of the nativity by the tiny kids. I saw them before - a donkey, shepherd and king playing football on the field so they were a bnit dishevelled by the performance. The paths were lit with Chinese lanterns there was yummy food and all the classes had made stained-glass windows for each room and were lit up from the inside - a really good night to get in the Christmas mood.
(me conducting with festive tinsel in hair)

Off to Canada tomorrow. I am very excited. I had forgotten we were going and hadn't done my packing at all. We handed in our resignations a couple of weeks ago so we have been very excited looking for new jobs. We decided we wanted a bit of a change. I still love Mexico but we have seen most of what there is to see. So we are officially unemployed at the moment and are hoping to find somewhere for this September. We have applied for lots of different international posts so fingers crossed in the new year we should be having interviews!

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