Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

Went out and bought our Christmas tree today. I was dreading carrying it up our hill - it is a real killer at the best of times - and just as we set off it started to rain. Not a good sign! Luckily when we bought the tree the man selling it said he could give us and the tree a lift home. Gareth walked as there wasn't really room in the car. The car was so clapped out Gareth actually got back before me. Anyway the tree is now up and I've been listening to far too much Christmas music to really get in the mood. I have been making mince pies today. I would never normally dream of making puff pastry as you can buy it ready made but in Mexico you can't. So I made the pastry and the mince meat from scratch and if I say so myself it's turned out bloody tasty!

Now I've changed to this new blogger thing can't put photos on any more. There is no option to do it. So I will have to save these photos of my tree etc. until I can figure out how to do it. (I've figured it out now there was a problem with beta.)

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