Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One hurdle down!

Performed our Christmas concert today it went really well despite a power cut half way through one of the songs. The kids were great and so well behaved while the workmen linked up to the electricity at a nearby house. Thanks Kim and Steve for paying for the electricity in our concert! The parents were really impressed with the costumes and the singing. I was very proud. See pictures at: and go to Junior 1 performance. We celebrated with a glass of baileys in the classroom (we were meant to be having a planning meeting but really weren't in the mood).

We just came back from our Christmas meal. It was a bit of a last minute decision to go as last year the food was disgusting (mainly brown in colour) so no-one ate and then proceeded to be very drunk. It was very good this year, everyone had a good time, and we finished off with big, big glasses of baileys. Yum! They did kick us our very early though after last year's fiasco so it's now only half six and we are home already.

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