Saturday, December 16, 2006

Had a little Christmas dinner tonight. Cooked a beef pastry thing my sister taught me that turned out really good and roast potatoes. I tried this Camembert, garlic and cranberry starter which you are meant to cook in the microwave. Not having one I tried the oven but ended up with a big, fat, greasy mess. Still tasty but not really a success. Good brownies for pudding though!

We opened our presents form our family. Thank you to everyone reading this! I had some nice underwear from my sister (not easy to buy here), great clothes from Gareth's family, earrings from my Aunt and Uncle and best of all a mouse mat with a picture of my Guernsey cat from my Grandma and Grandad - I love it and am using it right now! I'm tempted to take it to school but I don't trust the kids not to nick it.

We're off to Canada tomorrow so Gareth is off packing. I'm getting really excited now but really hate flying so I'll be glad when we're there and that's all over and done with. Photos of Canada will follow soon!

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