Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

Everyone has gone nuts today. The whole town centre is full of crazy shoppers. I can't stand it so I'm hiding out in this nice quiet internet cafe. Yesterday was really nice. We went to a bit of a smart hotel which turned out to be just the right thing to do. They had Santa walking around and a little group of carol singers - very festive! But it wasn't snobby and we felt really comfortable. I ate far too much. It was a big buffet with just about any good food you can think of on offer. I ate loads of oysters, prawns and salmon to get our moneys worth and felt far too stuffed by the end I should have pre-planned and bought an expandable skirt. Gareth gave me some really nice presents. I had gorgeous, cosy and soft jumper, some bath stuff and a couple of games. We spent a lazy afternoon in the hotel eating chocolate and other rubbish food. I had a junk food headache this morning and a craving for fresh fruit. I need desperately to exercise. Aaargh!

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Gem said...

Your photos are very good, you look very pretty in your christmas outfit!
I will update my blog when we get home and unpacked! It has been madly busy but promise I will put on some photos soon. xxx