Sunday, December 24, 2006

Doh a Deer la la la la...

I am feeling more Christmassy now despite the fact that we still don't have snow. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be snowy. You never know! I watched the sound of music today and felt very nostalgic. I'm not sure how many times I've watched that film. I did the last of my shopping for Gareth today and had to buy a nice dress to go to dinner tomorrow. We couldn't find anywhere good for Christmas day on the internet but a nice lady helped us today. The only thing is I think it's going to be really posh. I hope we can scrub up ok to be let in!

I was very good yesterday and went to the hotel gym and pool. But after that we did have a bottle of wine in the lovley Japanese restaurant across the street. I ate so much I felt stuffed for hours afterwards. I normally eat alot so I must have really overdone it. I wole up this morning starving though so back to normal!

Happy Christmas everyone. Have a lovely day tomorrow wherever you are!

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