Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back at school

I've had a bit of a crazy week. I was shattered after the first day back at school and went to bed at 6pm and slept 13 hours right through to the morning. The first couple of days I couldn't get back into teaching and kept wondering into Jo's room (the teacher next door) to have a chat.

I met my friends new baby on Thursday. She is so cute. Normally the parents think they look lovely and you have to agree although it looks like a little alien, but this one is really perfect. When I held her she was just 4 days old.

This weekend has been a bit short. Jo and I had to go to visit a place we're thinking of taking the kids for a week next year. It was a really nice but it meant I had to miss my Saturday lie-in and also do a 10 hour round trip in the car. Somehow we managed to chat for a solid ten hours and also eat nothing but jelly teeth, eggs and frogs for a whole day. I did achieve driving in Mexico City. I was quite proud of myself because it's the craziest place in the world to drive. Last night we went to my friends wedding reception. It was great but I'm feeling a bit delicate today.

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